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ComplyBright's HR Recordkeeping Training teaches you to identify, manage, and protect employee records, complying with state and federal laws.

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Employee recordkeeping is one of the most fundamental HR responsibilities.

After taking ComplyBright's HR Recordkeeping Training course, you'll be able to identify which records your business needs to retain, know how to build personnel and confidential files for each employee, and develop security procedures to properly protect employee information, staying compliant with state and federal laws.

4 Lessons:

  • Overview
  • Personnel Files
  • Laws Impacting Employee Recordkeeping
  • Key Forms and Documents

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The Importance of HR Recordkeeping

HR recordkeeping requirements for employers vary depending on the size of the business and the state in which it operates. However, there are some general federal rules that all employers must follow.

In addition to these federal requirements, states may have their own HR recordkeeping regulations.

HR recordkeeping compliance is essential for businesses of all sizes. By complying with HR recordkeeping requirements, businesses can protect employees, avoid legal liability, make informed business decisions, support HR functions, and comply with government regulations.


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Diverse Course Library

Related course material illuminates the next steps on your path to compliance. 

Ex. "Cybersecurity: Now you understand HR Recordkeeping, but what steps are you taking to secure that information?"

Did you know?

Every employer covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must keep certain records for each covered, nonexempt worker.

The records must include accurate information about the employee and data about the hours worked and the wages earned.

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Shine a light on HR recordkeeping requirements that are mandated by state and federal law.

Download our free checklist of the basic records that an employer must maintain under FLSA.