Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Norwalk

ComplyBright’s turnkey sexual harassment prevention training for California meets the latest training requirements to help protect you and your small business.


Seamless compliance training to safeguard your business

We’ve created a curriculum to ensure your employees are up to date with all state mandated requirements. Our on-demand, video-based training courses address sensitive topics through real world case studies to ensure compliance needs are met, while tactfully instructing on sensitive situations.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California (Employees)
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California (Supervisors)

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Create a Safer Work Environment & Increase Productivity

ComplyBright is more than just compliance training. With our platform, you’re investing in training and compliance management that will create a safer work environment and increase productivity overall.

ComplyBright Employee And Employer Compliance Training provides a turnkey training program to complete your mandatory sexual harassment prevention training, as well as real-time notifications and reminders to keep you and your employees compliant year after year.


Create a safer work environment

Help your staff feel safe and empowered through proper training.


Increase Productivity

Proper training can help reduce employee turnover, keep employees engaged and increase productivity overall.


Avoid financial and legal penalties

Not only is compliance training the right thing to do, it’s required.

Did you know?

“Harassment” on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment, gender harassment, and harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions

Learn more with ComplyBright’s state-compliant sexual harassment prevention training.

Still in the Dark on California Regulations? 

Navigating the labyrinth of compliance training can often feel like stumbling through the dark.

Download our free state requirements reference sheet to learn more about California Sexual Harassment Prevention Training requirements.