What happens if
I don't comply.

The financial implications of non-compliance can be staggering. Avoid costly compliance fines with ComplyBright Employee and Employer Compliance Training.

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Prevention is cheaper than litigation

The monetary and reputation-related consequences of failing to comply with state and local sexual harassment prevention training mandates can be enough to put you out of business.

Depending on the jurisdiction, fines can range from a few hundred dollars for minor infractions to tens of thousands for more severe violations.

Don't Wait!

Invest in preventative solutions today

More and more, state and local regulations are requiring businesses like yours to ensure their employees undergo mandatory and regular sexual harassment prevention training.

ComplyBright Employee and Employer Compliance Training, - you’re not just complying with state and local mandates -– you’re actively reducing the possibility of potential future complications for your business.

  • Avoid financial and legal penalties. Not only is compliance training the right thing to do, it is legally required by many states.

  • Increase Productivity. Proper training can help reduce employee turnover, keep your workforce engaged, and increase overall productivity.

  • Create a safer work environment. Help your staff feel safe and empowered through proper training.

Did you know...

The EEOC reported that in 2019 alone, they secured $68.2 million for victims of sexual harassment.

This figure doesn’t account for the additional costs businesses incurred in legal fees, settlements, and other related expenses.

Stay ahead, stay compliant.